Saving the Nansemond River, Chuckatuck Creek, Bennett's Creek and tributaries... These waterways are a vital part of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and are also tributaries of the lower James important river network that supports a thriving and ever expanding Hampton Roads community.

Special Announcements
  • NRPA 2012 Report and Report Card…..View the Report.   View the Report Card.
  • April 24 ‘River Talk’–over 275 people attended the informative and inspiring program.  Many thanks to the presenters: Will Baker, Joe Bouchard and Robbie Johnson.
  • May 10, 2014: 3rd Annual River & Creek Fest at Bennett’s Creek Park. 9:30-Noon.  Many thanks to the 25 volunteers who made the event a success!! May 10_2014_River_and_Creek Fest.
  • June 7, 2104:  Clean the River & Creek Day.  Location is pending.
    Congratulations to the 1,100 City of Suffolk Public School students who participated in the NRPA NWI:

    ‘Connecting the Classroom with the Environment’ program


Our Mission

The mission of the Nansemond River Preservation Alliance is to raise public awareness and encourage environmental stewardship of the Nansemond River, Chuckatuck Creek, Bennett’s Creek …

River History

The Nansemond River was named for the Native American tribe that fished its waters for thousands of years before European settlers arrived.  In 1609,  Captain John Smith sailed into the Nansemond River …

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Nansemond Watershed Iniative Programs

Nansemond River Preservation Alliance is leading the efforts on several projects that residents can participate. Water Quality Monitoring Project–Begin sampling in November…  

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Make a Difference

Our mission is to work together with residents, government, business and civic/community organizations to better manage the environmental stewardship of the Nansemond River watershed…

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