NRPA Programs

Nansemond River Preservation Alliance is leading the efforts on several projects where residents can participate.

We are seeking volunteers for the Water Quality Monitoring, NWI and Shoreline Programs.  Please contact for more information

Water Quality Monitoring Program–Monthly water sampling along 9 sites on the Nansemond River and 4 sites along Shingle Creek, 3 sites along Bennett’s Creek. VA DEQ protocol certified for salinity, oxygen, clarity, temperature,pH and e.coli.

Oyster Restoration Project:  In progress: 18 families are participating in the program.

NRPA Nansemond Watershed Initiative (NWI) : ‘Connecting the Classroom With the Environment’. Three-module in-classroom and  boating research and marsh field study experience created by NRPA. The NWI environmental education program was launched in September 2013 in the City of Suffolk Public Schools.   All seventh grade students are participating in the program. As of May 2017, 4,500 students completed the NWI program and became NRPA Junior Members.   NWI  Program for Nansemond Suffolk Academy – fourth grade students launched in 2013.

Business and Foundation River Savers Program: Sustaining members: TowneBank.   Leadership members: VolvoPenta, BASF Corporation, Bennetts Creek Pharmacy, Birdsong Corporation, Copico Print Services, Colonial Pipeline, Dominion Energy, Duke Automotive, Mike Duman Automotive,  Foundations: Community Action Coalition of Virginia, Hampton Roads Community Foundation,  Pruden Foundation, Suffolk Foundation, Virginia Environmental Endowment.

River Talks:  Fall and Spring

 Water Quality Committee:  Conducts monthly sampling and monitoring of the Nansemond River, Bennetts Creek, Shingle Creek, Burnetts Mill Creek.

Please call 757-745-7447 for more information